Sugar cookies from scratch – attempt 2 (B+)

My second attempt went much better! This time the butter was very soft so the batter was much more assembled and not crumbly. I tried forming the dough into balls and also tried flattening the balls between my hands and did a test batch to see how they would turn out (see the second photo).

The flattened ones did the trick! I don’t have a rolling pin (yet!) so I used a square container lid and parchment paper to squish down the balls into flat circles. I found they were a bit too small in the third photo below I made them bigger the third time (fourth photo) and they turned out perfectly and smell positively divine!!

Evidently this isn’t a recipe for sugar cookies to decorate, unless you flatten the dough before you bake because they don’t spread out much at all.

I look forward to sharing the decorated cookies after class on Sunday. I better hide them otherwise they might be eaten by then!!






Sugar cookies from scratch – attempt 1 (D+)

Part of my decorating class prework is to bring 6 sugar cookies to decorate. I decided to try this recipe from

I’ve had good luck with this site but one of my big lessons is to read the comments below for tips BEFORE you start. That was my big mistake – I jumped right into the recipe because I was rushing.

DS2 was in the other room lying on his playmat so I thought I could get them mixed and into the oven before he got fussy. So much for that…he lasted 10 mins.

My butter was in the fridge so I cut it into small squares and microwaved it to soften it – rather than waiting and softening it properly. I then mixed the batter and it ended up like the first picture below – chunky and not smooth like the recipe said. Then I read the comments and it turns out the butter wasn’t soft enough. I thought I’d try it out anyway, and rolled the dough into balls and put it in the oven for 8 mins. And while they taste quite good, they by no means baked properly. I also made the balls of dough too big.

So now I have butter softening on the counter for my next attempt in half an hour. Fingers crossed this time they will work!