Slow Cooker Shortcut: Plastic Liners

A month ago, I discovered Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners at the grocery store.  I love my slow cooker but the pot is so darn heavy and once it slipped off my drying rack and chipped the edge of my granite countertop.  I find that certain recipes are particularly tricky to clean up.  Some wipe off easily while others require soaking and scrubbing – especially those with sticky sauces or cheese in the recipe.

I was a bit worried that the liner would melt and burn to the pot, since it does get quite hot. So I waited to use the liner until I was home for the day and could keep an eye on it.

I have to say I’m very pleasantly surprised at how well they work!  They don’t melt at all, and once dinner is done, you pull out the bag and toss it!  I have a large crock pot and it fit the pot easily, and still had some room.

They are a little pricey, you get four in a box for about $5, but I will definitely keep them on hand for messy dishes or nights that a speedy clean up is a must!




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