Becky Higgins…Please Pick Me!

A few weeks ago, Becky Higgins announced her 2015 Creative Team call for submissions on her blog.  Immediately I thought, “that’s cool, but I’m not good enough”.  But then I started looking at the blogs of the 2013 and 2014 Creative Team members and realized that my style is very similar.  So I decided to send a submission!

The selection criteria are:

  1. Fantastic photography – I think my pictures are decent, especially when the boys cooperate!
  2. Great storytelling – I’m pretty good at this, after all, it’s my day job!
  3. Use of product – The hardest part about this one is limiting myself to Becky Higgins products when I have an ever-expanding stash!  They are also looking for simplicity so I’ve had to restrain my embellishing somewhat – which is actually quite freeing!
  4. Layout photography – I’ve struggled with this a bit, but this blog post (which Becky posted on her Facebook page yesterday) really helped me a lot!

Here’s the layout photos I submitted, along with a short write-up.  Hope they like them!  Best of luck to everyone else who is trying out!Submission 1 Submission 2 Submission 3 Submission 4 Submission 5


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