Thanksgiving Baking Bonanza

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada and my contribution to my husband’s family dinner is broccoli, carrots, dinner rolls and dessert. I love and opportunity to bake, especially since hubby doesn’t have a sweet tooth and the little guy and I can only eat so much!

I decided to make cupcakes and pumpkin lollipops for each place setting. I scoured Pinterest for turkey cupcake inspiration and once I found an idea, I went to Bulk Barn to stock up on candy. I may have gotten a little carried away (I had so much leftover that I made candy bags for the boys) but I found everything I needed.

I made two dozen white cupcakes, half iced with vanilla buttercream and the other half with chocolate frosting. The turkey head is a twix bar cut in half, and the face details are attached with a melted candy decorating pen.

I also made 16 pumpkin pops using candy melts and pumpkin molds. It was a test run for Halloween, as I’ll be making the pumpkin pops again for my sons class (but I have to make 25 – eek!).

I’m pleased with how everything turned out, hopefully they taste as good as they look!

Gobble gobble (happy thanksgiving)!!!





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