Breakfast Ham Egg and Cheese Boats

I was watching The Chew last week and saw a recipe for Bacon Egg & Cheese Boats and it looked SO easy I had to try it! Of course I couldn’t find the recipe when I was about to make them so I whipped up my own version.


Your choice of bun (I only had hamburger buns on hand so I used the tops only because they are deeper)

One egg per portion/bun

2 tbsp of milk per egg used (I eyeballed it)

Your choice of meat, cheese and any veg you want to include (I used ham and cheddar, it was what I had on hand)

Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Hollow out centre of buns leaving about a cm at the edge and bottom so the eggs won’t leak through. Place on greased foil wrap on baking sheet (for easy cleanup if anything leaks).

Crack eggs into mixing bowl, add milk and whisk. Finely chop meat and cheese and add to mixture. Add a dash of salt and pepper.

Pour mixture into buns, make sure the meat and cheese are evenly distributed. Much of mine stuck to the bottom of the bowl so I spooned it out into each bun).

Immediately put the buns in the oven, as the eggs start to soak into the bread. If it leaks out a tiny bit, no worries!

Bake for about 15 mins. I watched until they rose and turned a golden brown.

Next time I may add some extra cheese on top in the last few minutes of baking. Otherwise, remove and enjoy! They are egg-celent!!





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