A little Mother’s Day baking

Happy Mother’s Day! We have a family dinner tonight so I used it as an excuse to make some cupcakes. I made Red Velvet and Chocolate Fudge.

I love the Betty Crocker Red Velvet batter but the icing that comes with it sucks. Now that I’m used to working with buttercream, I find it so runny and uncooperative. And as you can see, it was hard to make it look good.

I made a batch of purple buttercream for the chocolate fudge cupcakes and decided to practice my “rose swirl”. For the most part they look good but I need to work on the outer edge and tail. I would love some suggestions on how to fix them if anyone has some!

And just because there’s three boys at the dinner, I made a couple spiderman cupcakes with red icing, black piping gel and leftover sugar decorations from DS1s birthday. I was a little rushed as they were at the end of the baking session and I had to wrap up, but they aren’t bad. I know if I slowed down I could make the “webbing” look better. But I suspect the boys won’t be critiquing my work 🙂



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