Final cake decorating class: the homework

Tomorrow is my last class, and I’m a little sad it’s over. I’ve enjoyed my Sunday escape!

Our class homework was to bake and ice a cake and prep icing in a bunch of consistencies and colours so we can practice some final new techniques and then decorate our cake.

The cake icing went better this time, but I now know why they refer to it as the “spin of death”. You could spin the cake on the turntable for hours and still find mistakes. This is where I need to release my OCD tendencies and accept it won’t be perfect.

I picked up some great tips by watching a free buttercream course on Craftsy (I highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn!).

As you can see, it turned out pretty good! Not perfect but better than my first attempt.

Now I’m all ready to make it beautiful tomorrow. Stay tuned for pictures!





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