Wilton Cake Decorating Class 3: Cupcakes Galore

Today’s class was all about decorating cupcakes. We practiced a number of techniques including shells, drop flowers, leaves, rosettes, shells, shaggy mums, and Pom Pom flowers. We also learned the proper cupcake “swirl”.

I made a double batch of icing yesterday using the Wilton recipe and it turned out perfectly! Thank goodness I did, we needed a lot of icing today. Unfortunately I didn’t check the stiffness carefully enough before colouring my icing and putting it in the icing bags during class, so some of the techniques weren’t working well because the icing was too stiff. But after sitting out for a while and adding a bit of water, they were much easier to work with.

I’m quickly learning they I need to let go of my OCD tendencies when decorating, otherwise I’ll never be happy with my work. I also need to be patient with myself and practice as much as I can. The more I play, the better I get!

Below are the final results from today’s class. Some of these definitely need some work but considering where I was a month ago, I’m feeling pretty good! The Pom Pom flower is quite hard, I can’t seem to get it right. I’ll have to keep practicing that one.

Next week is our final class and we will be decorating a cake. So over the next week I need to bake, level, fill and ice a cake so it’s decorating ready for class. I also need to make icing in a bunch of colours and consistencies. Lots of homework, good thing it’s fun!



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