Practice makes perfect

When I baked my class cake, I had extra batter leftover and decided to make cupcakes. I also had some Quaker brownie mix on hand and decided to make some two bite brownies – both for a family gathering last night.

I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the star tip technique we learned last week!

I baked the cupcakes as usual, and followed the brownie package instructions, but used my mini muffin pan and liners instead. I also cooked them a little less and checked them often to make sure they didn’t overbake and dry out. I completely forgot to take a picture of the brownies when they were done – rats! I put a single Eggie/Mini Egg in the centre.

They turned out great! And it was a good test run for Easter baking next weekend. And my star technique is quickly improving. This hobby is definitely about practice, I just hope I don’t gain too much weight with all these yummy treats!







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