Baking my first cake

I’m not sure why I’ve been so intimidated to bake cakes, it’s actually really easy!

One of our assignments for Sundays class is to bake and ice a cake. I thought I’d tackle the baking part today so I can chill the cake overnight and ice it tomorrow. Sadly when you have kids you have to do everything in phases!

I used a Betty Crocker golden cake mix, a brand new Wilton 6 inch pan (michaels had a whole pan set on sale for $14 a few weeks ago – from $45) and the Wilton Bake Easy spray (bought today at the McCalls warehouse sale in Mississauga – thanks to Stephanie B for the tip, I had some great finds!).

I combined the ingredients in my KitchenAid stand mixer (my favourite toy), preheated the oven and sprayed the pan. I filled it just about half full and popped it onto the middle rack (which I lowered after last weeks class when I realized I had my oven racks set all wrong!).

The box said to bake it for 28-30 mins so I set the timer for 25 so I could check it and avoid burning. The toothpick came out wet at 25 so I put it in for 4 more minutes. Then it came out perfectly!

The only negative of my cake is the crown on top (which apparently is common and can be avoided using Wilton bake even fabric straps you wet and put around the pan to keep the outside from cooking till the end). The teacher warned us of this, but it’s really not a big deal.

The teacher told us to remove the cake from the pan after about 10 minutes by putting parchment paper and a cooling grid on top, and flipping it over gently while holding them steady.

Once the cake was relatively cool, I broke out my new turntable (purchased with last weeks 50% off coupon at Michaels) a cake circle (I found a pack at winners for $6 – they have lots of Wilton gear for a little less than Michaels) and a serrated knife. I used the technique the teacher showed us to carefully cut off the crown. Then I flipped the cake over on the circle so it could finish cooling and be ready for icing. She told to ice the bottom as the top for the flattest surface possible.

Tomorrow I will tackle icing the cake. I’m also going to ice the cupcakes I made with the leftover batter for a family gathering tomorrow. I’m going to be very popular at parties with my new talents!!






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