Wilton Cake Decorating Class 1: The Adventure Begins!

On Sunday I attended the first session of the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 1: Decorating Basics.

Last week I collected all the items I needed for class, and splurged on a Wilton carrying case for my tools and decorations using a Michaels 50% off coupon (what a sweet deal!).

I also lucked out with supplies from my family. Turns out my mom used to bake a lot when I was little and she had a case full of tips for me. And my sister gave me a bag of tips she inherited from her Inlaws. Then my aunt bought me a few additional tips and some new featherweight bags. So I was able to return the class kit and only had to buy a couple new things. Bonus!!

I was excited to attend the class and hubby arranged to take the boys to his parents while I was there. But I was told on Friday that there were only three people signed up and it would be cancelled if they didn’t reach four. They said I would get a call on Saturday if it was cancelled. Seriously – 24 hours before?! I called the store on Saturday afternoon and a decision still hadn’t been made, so I assumed it was cancelled. I was told I would get a call either way. We went out for a few hours and came home at 930 to a message to say the class was happening after all. Yikes! I still had to pack all the supplies!

After much rushing I got everything ready. I was almost late after trying to get the boys out the door, get myself ready and drive to the store (for which I left 10 mins before the class started and it’s a 10 minute drive).

Luckily the teacher was a little late so I had time to get settled, along with the other two participants.

We spent the first half of the class learning how to bake, torte and fill a cake, how to make icing and fill an icing bag, and how to ice a cake. It was a little slow at times because it wasn’t hands on at all. But I tried to watch and listen carefully because it was all new to me. I also asked a lot of questions, because our prework for next week is to make icing and bake and ice a cake!!

Then we finally got a chance to do a hands on activity – using the star tip to ice our sugar cookies. Unfortunately we only had about 10 minutes to play, which was annoying as that was the intent of the class. I mean, we could’ve read the manual for the stuff we spent the first 90 minutes on.

I was pleasantly surprised with my first attempt. I did better than I thought I would, my biggest learning was to not touch the tip to the cookie surface, and to GO SLOW (which was impossible because the teacher kept telling us we had to finish up). Hence the crooked attempt at a number 3 for DS1.

So for next week, I need to practice my decorating with the star tip, bake a cake and ice it using a spatula, and make two batches of icing (thin and medium consistency). Hopefully we will spend more time in hands on activity and less listening to the lovely teacher read the book.

Now when will I find the time to do this without DS1 trying to sneak a taste?!




2 thoughts on “Wilton Cake Decorating Class 1: The Adventure Begins!

  1. You will have a great time. There is a lot of talking but it does help a lot. Enjoy and make lots of good things to eat. Also check out the McCalls warehouse http://www.mccalls.ca/. They have an ‘open the public’ sale on right now. Their fondant tastes much better than others I have tried and their white (which you can add colour to) is so much cheaper.

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