Learning from the pros…

I’ve always been good at figuring things out, either by disassembling or reading instructions. I’m the electronics and technology geek in our house and as a child I learned to play piano by ear (I was by no means a pro but could play a few familiar tunes!).

My first cupcake attempt was pure luck. I bought a decorating kit at michaels and skimmed the instructions inside, and they turned out pretty good. When I was at the store they had a 50% off special posted for their Wilton cake decorating classes ($45 regularly, on sale for $20). The courses are 2 hours a week for 4 weeks. I did a little research and it looks fun, so I signed up! I would like to learn how to do this properly, it’s a nice outlet to get the creative juices flowing and saves a little money on overpriced and not so good store cakes!

I start this Sunday and I’m quite excited! I bought the student kit (Decorating Basics Course 1) and can’t wait to try it! The kit includes:

12 Decorating Tips: Round 1, 3, 12; Star 16, 18, 21; Open Star 1M; Petal 104; Leaf 352; Bismarck 230; Drop Flower 2D; Multi Opening 233
4 Standard Couplers
2 – 10 in. Reusable Featherweight® Bags
6 Disposable Decorating Bags
6 Parchment Triangles
1.5 in. Flower Nail
Cupcake Nail
Decorator Brush
12 Flower Template Stickers
9 in. Spatula
Practice Board with Stand and Patterns

I need to read through the book more closely as I know there’s some prep work I need to do before class starts on Sunday, including getting sugar cookies to decorate. Maybe I’ll try to bake some! Anyone have a good easy recipe?





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